dmehta19 creates poetry through RoboPoem

Dhaman currently features a poem he has constructed using RoboPoem, an application built by artist and programmer C.P. Bryan of British Columbia. His work is available through InterAnnex Web Applications.

Dhaman’s use of the tool is documented well on his Web site. A quick look at the first couplets lets us see how a certain mood and voice can be produced by vocabulary alone.

Perhaps he did not occur spooked
to work i was as if stopped rooked
Stay in these papers he potion
Our hands troupe acclimatization
heart and the time to bonefish
In the cat reposed dice flatfish
White affair was shelling the quid
Wrecked in attentive couldest quid
Saw in the centre of work store
Got filled his back oxbow encore

Click here to read more of his comments on using text generators for poetry: dmehta19. Dhaman addresses in his posts some of the common uncertainties writers may feel using automated semantic tools to construct one’s work.  As I noted in class, it can seem rather disconcerting to consider language as something other than the expression of personal thoughts and ideas. Text generation, as both a practice and concept, invites us to understand the medium of language much as a photographer sees his or her own tools – as instruments that capture and transcribe our surrounding environment. In this paradigm, language can be seen, not so much as personal expression. but as a kind of resource to be used to to translate our thoughts and ideas for public consumption. Here, sentences, syntax, semantics, etc. can all be considered to comprise a kind of snapshot of our thoughts. Better technologies make for better, clearer communication. Hasn’t anyone ever wished for a language generator that makes our efforts to communicate seem more “high definition”?


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